Warranty and Product Benefits

Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee of our products


Issued by PERSIANAS CANET S.A, holder of legal entity ID number 3-101-031420-15, with central offices located in San José, Zapote, Barrio Quesada Durán, 100 meters south, 400 meters west and 25 meters north of the Catholic Church.


It covers the Republic of Costa Rica national territory and regionally covers the following countries: El Salvador and Nicaragua. The guarantee falls on the products that, in effect, manufactures and markets PERSIANAS CANET S.A.


The warranty period depends on the type of product, according to the following categories:

  • Roller blinds, Roman, wood, double roller, sliding panel, cellular, PVC verticals, fabric verticals, aluminum horizontals, folding doors, curtains, vertical awnings, retractable awnings, traditional awning, smooth and personalized rubber carpets, will have a 1-year warranty, which begins to apply from the moment of its effective installation or delivery to the customer.
  • Roll and modular carpets will have a 2-year guarantee, which begins to apply from its effective delivery to the customer.
  • The motors and accessories will have a two-year factory defect warranty, which begins to apply from their effective installation or delivery to the customer.
  • Screen fabrics have a 3-year guarantee on the fabric, which begins to apply from its effective delivery to the customer.


The products manufactured and marketed by PERSIANAS CANET S.A, have the guarantee, required by law, in accordance with Law Number 7472, Law for the Promotion of Competition and Effective Defense of the Consumer and its Regulations, through which the consumer is in knowledge of their rights and duties regarding the acquired property, the scope of the claims that will be covered by it, the duration of the coverage and the procedure to make your guarantee effective, giving it the security and support it deserves.

Benefits of our products

Our guarantee covers:

  • Damages for materials with defect of origin.
  • Manufacturing, preparation and/or assembly error that affect the functionality of the product as such.
  • Differences in the request, measurements, sizes, colors, styles, details of functionality and design, which result between the delivered product and the conditions of the Contract signed between the parties. Malfunction, actuation or handling of the product during the installation carried out by direct or subcontracted personnel of PERSIANAS CANET S.A., or damages resulting from failures in the installation carried out by direct or subcontracted personnel of PERSIANAS CANET S.A.
  • Degradation of color in the material during the time stipulated in the guarantee.

Guarantee exclusions

  • Damage caused by mismanagement or misuse by the consumer.
  • Defects or damage caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, forest fires, landslides, volcano eruptions).
  • Damages attributable during transport provided by persons or companies other than PERSIANAS CANET S.A.
  • Damages caused to the product from the conditions of the storage place (warehouses) chosen by the consumer to maintain the product.
  • Failures in the use and management contrary to the rules of good use, specifically in case of strong winds and heavy rains.
  • Damages caused by accumulated wind currents in areas such as eaves, cellars and closed places.
  • Errors in installations, repairs and reinstallation of products due to manipulation by persons external to the direct or subcontracted personnel of PERSIANAS CANET S.A.
  • Damages caused by failures or obsolescence in electrical installations, lack of protection, including protective earth, installation with risk of explosion, as well as programming failures and installation of intelligent systems that are related to PERSIANAS CANET S.A. products.
  • Violent acts, abuse, blows, tears, cuts, scratches, stains of any type of paint or substances caused by accidental spills, remodeling, construction, restoration or decoration work that is being carried out in the place where the product is installed, discoloration due to the use of abrasive, sharp and/or acid elements. Alterations, adaptations and/or modifications made to the products that alter the characteristics, utility, purpose and nature of the product.
  • Natural deterioration of the materials due to exposure to excessively aggressive environments, such as, but not exclusively, the salinity of the coast, humidity, mold that grows in the dust or particles adhered to the surface due to lack of maintenance and cleaning or existing chemical compounds in closed places.
  • Failures in the choice of surfaces for fixing and installation that are not suitable for the products manufactured and marketed by PERSIANAS CANET S.A (V.gr. False, hollow walls, without firm support structures, with weak coatings, clay content, type thin panels, surfaces made of materials that suffer cracks, cracks, fissures or other damages at the time the installation is carried out, impairing the fixing, installation or the fall and/or detachment of the product, after being installed, that does not support up to 100 kilograms distributed over 6 meters wide with 5 supports placed every 1.2 meters).
  • Damage caused by animals, pests, or insects.
  • For breach of duty of care and failure to correctly follow the instructions for use and maintenance indicated in this guide.

Quality and innovation

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