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We are experts in window surface coating.

Our advisors will provide you with different options according to your needs and desired styles.

Find the perfect complement for light management. Renew spaces with products focused on covering windows, floors, and awnings.



Aesthetic care in all its components.

Canet’s Zen pergolas are an outdoor cover with a minimalist and functional horizontal sliding retractable design, which allows perimeter closure.


Design your space with quality products.

Thanks to their minimalist design and variety of fabrics and materials, blinds are the perfect option to control light and give your spaces a decorative touch, since they adapt to unique styles and environments. Do not let too much light be a problem.


Elegance and style for your spaces.

Wrap your spaces with textiles that increase the beauty of your home, fit almost any space, and allow light to enter in different opacities. You can find fabrics that allow vision to the outside and complement them with materials that provide privacy to the interior when night falls.


Enjoy the most from sunny days or stay protected from drizzles.

Relish sunny days to the fullest or stay protected from light drizzle with great textile awnings, you can feel comfortable enjoying an outdoor barbecue or highly protected in outdoor spaces from winds (of less than 40 km/h), you will never have to cancel a family gathering or miss a good sunset.


Smart curtains, blinds, roller blinds and awnings!

Control your blinds and curtains with a click, the motorization allows you to program them at any time of the day and you can also simplify it with voice commands so that the light enters in each space or reduce it to create the ideal privacy environment, thanks to the fact that they are compatible with intelligent systems such as Google Home and Alexa.

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